Sant Roc Gloriós!!!
Une preuve de dévotion au saint de Montpellier.


Sant Roc Gloriós!!!
Un voto de devoción a Sant Roque.

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Sant Roc Gloriós!!!
Vot de Vila d'Arenys de Mar

Benedicció dels macips pels internautes (amb Real Audio -150K-).

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What is, and when did the 'vot de vila' - a sacred oath of reverence taken by the whole town - begin?
Although there was already a holy day dedicated to Saint Roc by the end of the 16th century the popular custom of venerating Saint Roc took off after his intervention in the epidemic which struck Arenys in 1607. According to legend, the people of Arenys called on the Saint during this period and it so happened that on Saint Roc's day there were no more deaths as a result of the pestilence. As a mark of their profund gratitude, the people of the town took a sacred oath to commemmorate that day as a day of devotion to the Saint.

Who was saint Roc?
Roc, who was later to be made a saint, was born at the end of the 13th century (1295?) in Montpellier (Occitania -now the South Eastern part of France). He dedicated a large part of his life to caring from those who suffered from the plague, and in some cases he achieved results which were considered miraculous by his contemporaries.
During the epidemics which decimated population in the second half of the 16th century and throughout the 17th century he became identified as a figure of devotion for those stricken by the plague and his fame extended throughout the continent.

Who are the 'macips' and the 'captadores', and what do they do?
As time passed, the traditional festival became more colourful with the adition of 'macips' and 'captadores' -young men and women of the town-. They, with the blessing of Saint Roc, entered houses holding the 'almorratxa' -special glass bottle with five openings- which was adorned with basil and filled with cologne. The sprinkted on the townspeople as a sign of purification (You need Real Player).

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